Studio image © Jens Marrot

Orlanda Broom has exhibited regularly in London and Internationally since completing her MA in 1997. Her paintings have been selected for curated shows and competitions including Threadneedle Prize, NOAC, BEEP, Griffin, London Group and the RA Summer Exhibition. Her work has been exhibited at James Freeman Gallery, The Contemporary London, Griffin Gallery, Long & Ryle as well as in galleries in Cape Town, Portugal and Paris. Her work is regularly commissioned and Orlanda undertakes large scale works.

Orlanda has two bodies of work, loosely categorised into Landscape and Abstract painting. Her interest in colour and medium connect these bodies of work.

On Landscape;

'My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that exist as part of a fantastical, re-imagined place. I have applied a hyper, saturated view of the world and the scenes I paint make no reference to human or animal existence. These places could be future or past as they are untouched; wild, overgrown and ripe to the point of rotten. The initial joyousness, the lure of beauty and colour is tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment, there’s a toxicity implied in the use of unrealistic colour. I use resin, which has a glasslike finish and echoes the sappy excretions that the plants might exude. There's a dichotomy between wanting to explore such a place and the inevitable entrapment should you find yourself there.'

On Abstraction;

'Figurative elements can be found in these abstract paintings as much of my work is related to the landscape. Some subtle references to recognizable elements, such as flowers or organic forms, are open to the individual perception of the viewer. The paintings can also be seen as purely abstract, there is an aesthetic beauty in the way the medium has landed, merged and pooled. This is a very different process of working, it's much more immediate and quite different from working on my Landscape which are made with a traditional approach using brushes, working up a layered and defined composition.'